Here you will find expert  resources to help you where you are, or get you where you want to go.  We have courses, products, services and coaching from Forensic Genetic Genealogist and Law Enforcement Expert Christine Burke. 

Genetic Genealogy For Police/Law Enforcement

It does take one to know one and this cop is especially excited to bring you a new way to identify subjects of interest, be they unidentified deceased persons, new leads or the suspects themselves. Learn more about training, matching services, search warrant assistance and program building for your agency.

How To Find Biological Family Using DNA

Are you looking to find your biological family with DNA? Then you've come to the right place because I've been there and found SO many relatives for myself and many others. You can get help to DIY or have me do it for you. Learn more about our DIY classes and Done For You services.

I suggest you join our community, take our The Route To Your Roots (TM) class or schedule some one on one time.

Forensic Genetic Genealogist Certificate Program

  • Course

Our Certificate program offers instruction in Genealogical & Genetics Foundations, Genetic Genealogy Fundamentals, Biological Family & Police Casework, Privacy, Ethics and Psychology, & Business Startup and Ongoing Operations. Enhance your skills so you can help many more people! Make A Difference In Someone's Life Story Today! We offer a payment plan and have financing options! Full information: www.FGGProgram.com

Unknown Humans Remain Podcast & Investigations

Are you a fan of our Unknown Humans Remain Mission? If so,please join our FREE community below and subscribe to the private UHR Topic to get access to additional episodes and to work on the individual cases. See you inside!

 #1 Amazon Best Seller

Dead bodies, dark secrets, DNA and genetic genealogy. Can Olivia identify Jane Doe and her killer without losing herself in the process? 

In Concrete Clues Olivia and Lily embark on a thrilling journey of discovery, utilizing the cutting-edge technique of genetic genealogy to solve the baffling mystery surrounding a nameless Jane Doe. As they delve into the depths of her past, they uncover a web of lies, deception, and long-kept secrets.

Set against the backdrop of a tight-knit community, this captivating tale blends the allure of art with the power of science. Olivia and Lily's relentless pursuit of truth takes them on a roller coaster ride through hidden connections, surprising revelations, and high-stakes confrontations.

As the strands of their investigation intertwine, the identity of the Jane Doe begins to emerge, drawing them closer to the heart of the chilling crime.With each breakthrough, the suspense builds, keeping readers on the edge of their seats until the shocking truth is finally exposed.

This mesmerizing blend of genetic genealogy and gripping mystery will appeal to fans of both true crime and historical whodunits. Will Olivia and Lily solve the murder and bring justice to the Jane Doe? Find out in this mesmerizing tale of genetic genealogy and the pursuit of truth.

#1 Amazon New Release

 Does the key to unlocking the decades-old identity of an unknown man lie within the faded fabric of a postal uniform, a rugged pair of overalls, or the intricate strands of his DNA?

In this captivating cozy mystery entwined with historical fiction, forensic genetic genealogists Olivia and Lilly embark on a relentless quest to piece together the fragments of a cold case from 1983 spanning the United States.

Armed with their expertise in genetic genealogy, they delve into the man's ancestry, leveraging the power of DNA to trace his lineage. As they travel through the forgotten corners of history, their hearts are tugged by the poignant story of a man abandoned and left to anonymity.

With each breakthrough, they come closer to identifying the unknown man and unlocking the long-hidden secrets of his past. Will their expertise in genetic genealogy bring them the answers they seek? Join them on their journey to find out! 

Book Three In The Series

Stitching Together the Town's Past: "Fabric of Deceit" Unveils a Chilling Mystery

Forensic genetic genealogists Olivia and Lilly have just launched their podcast, and with it, they've stumbled upon a haunting case. The lifeless body of a young child, found tucked inside a denim laundry bag and discarded by the roadside, beckons them into a chilling cold case from 1951.

In "Fabric of Deceit," Olivia and Lilly bring their genealogy skills to bear on a decades-old puzzle. Armed with cutting-edge DNA technology, they crack open the cold case, determined to unearth the child's hidden identity. However, as they patiently await results that could solve the mysteries that haunt their investigation, a sinister truth begins to take shape. The mother of the lost child, ensnared by a dangerous relationship, has vanished, leaving no trace.

With each passing day, Olivia and Lilly navigate a complex web of deception, drawing closer to the heart of a darkness they never expected. Will the DNA reveal the lost child's identity and his connection to the missing mother? And what deadly secrets lie concealed in their pursuit of the past? In "Fabric of Deceit," the stakes are higher, the secrets run deeper, and the truth may prove more elusive than they ever imagined.

"Everything you shared was absolute gold. If you're not getting results, you need to listen to her! I know I am!"

- Tony Anthony, Private Investigator, Dark Horse Intelligence

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